Monday, April 23, 2018

Take your messages all the way to Europe with InterverbumAsia.

You want to be precise. Persuasive. Humorous. Informative. Everywhere and anywhere in Europe.

More than translating the language, we specialise in helping Asian brands and businesses tailor and adapt their communications to resonate with European audiences. We do this via:

  • High-quality translation/localization by in-country teams
  • Technologies for efficient language management
  • An established record of leadership in Nordic region language services
  • Strong partnerships to ensure sourcing for every need

Ready to learn more? Browse our capabilities and then contact us for a personalized quote.


Shanghai tackles bad English

Tourists visiting Shanghai for next year's World Expo could be confused by signs on wet floors reading 'Slip Carefully!' So authorities in China want to make sure they never see them. See the news story >

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